March 2005

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It is no surprise to those of us who watch in disbelief as "liberal" Democrats' positions change with the polititcal winds; this week we see the leaders of the desperate, imploding Democratic party reversing their previous position that Social Security needed to be addressed and reformed. Bill Clinton, Hillary, Teddy Kennedy, Harry Reid, and Nancy Polosi were all in agreement prior to the election stating that social security was in crisis and needed to be reformed. But the minute President Bush decided to do something besides talk about the problem, the Democrats attacked. "Bush created this crisis." "Bush is lying!" "Partial, voluntary privatization can't work" (It does great in Chile.) And where it's been tried in Texas, retirees are receiving $4500/month from their private accounts as opposed to $1500/month from the government. But let's not allow facts to cloud the argument. Left wing rhetoric is what the media reports.

 Remeber Iraq and the WMD's that the Dems thought were so important in 2000, and Teddy boy saying Saddam had to go? And Iraqi weapons of mass destruction could not be allowed to remain?? They hope their foolish faithful have forgotten. I have not.

What does the modern Democratic party stand for? Good question. They seem to be against every program that would enhance the lives of all Americans and world citizens.

 Let me list a few. 

1) Against school vouchers for inner city children entraped in failed government schools. 

2) Against a voluntary option for our young to invest part of their social security funds in a private account.

3) Against freeing 50 million citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan from Saddam, the Taliban  and al Qaeda and holding democratic elections.

4) Against the banning of partial birth abortion.

5) Against parents having control over their teen age children.

6) Against tax cuts that allow you to keep some of your hard earned dollars from the Federal Government.

7) Against Americans from becoming energy independent..no drilling in ANWAR or the ocean for domestic reserves.

8) Against funding the War on Terror, sealing our borders from terrorist attacks, and deporting illegal aliens.

9) Against our military forces securing our freedoms.

10) Phony "enviromentalists" against timber companies harvesting and manageing our national forests..better to just let them burn.

And, pray tell, what are the Democrats and their liberal media friends for?

1) Gay marriage...it's their Constitutional "right"!

2) Socialized medicine 

3) The United Nations approval of our foreign policy as the French, Russians and Germans scam the Oil for Food program. 

4) Our Supreme Court asking socialist "Old Europe" for their opinion of our "outdated" Constitutional rights.

5)  Planned Parenthood to continue to slaughter 1.4 million innocent babies a year.

 6) Islamo-facism to be taught to every gullible college freshman . American history banned from all high school curriculum. God removed from our daily lives.

7) Alger Hiss was not a Communist spy. Jane Fonda was not a Communist traitor. Ward Churchill has a right to indoctrinate naive college freshmen to hate America at  Colorado U. and other left wing campii. 

8) Frivilous class action lawsuits that drive doctors out of business and make trial lawyers rich. (and incease the cost of business and your prices.) Remeber when cigarettes were 50 cents a pack?

I realize that many of my Democratic friends do not agree with their looney leadership, however, they continue to vote for them, and watch their party spiral down the path to political obscurity. Dr. Dean will perform the autopsy.

Requiest in pace. 

Michael J. Larkin

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Timothy Dike